Self-esteem is something we all struggle with at least once in our lifetime. We all have that inner voice – the voice that tells us whether we are good enough, smart enough, pretty enough. We are constantly comparing ourselves to the person next to us or that person on Instagram with the filtered picture. Many of us forget that we are human, not made to be perfect, but made to be happy with ourselves. In our society today, it is hard to find that self love. Here are a 3 tips to help remind yourself that you are pretty enough, smart enough, good enough, etc.

  1. Write things about your appearance and/or personality that you liked that day. This could be “I liked the shirt I wore today” or “I smiled a lot today”.
  2. Create a gratitude list: write at least 2-3 people or things that you were grateful for that day. This could help you realize how great your life is and that you’re worthy.
  3. Do something that you generally love to do for at least 15 minutes. This could be singing to a crazy tune, drawing, yoga, meditation, dancing, etc. If it makes you happy, do it!

In the kind words of the poet Rupi Kaur, “For you to see beauty here does not mean there is beauty in me. It means there is beauty rooted so deep within you, you can’t help but see it everywhere”.