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Everyone deserves to be heard, understood, respected, and ACCEPTED.


Be aware around you

Chances are you or someone you know has experienced or will experience a mental health concern. For college students, mounting pressures and responsibility can be triggers, especially for those far from their typical support systems. Often times, students may neglect to reach out and instead isolate themselves.


How to make a difference?

The Tour is bringing mental health awareness, acceptance, and the actions needed to make a difference by engaging college students, faculty & administrators, and the community at large. Through social media platforms, I Am Acceptance will continue these conversations in order to ensure mental health issues are no longer hidden or shameful conversations.

Goals of the Tour

The I Am Acceptance College Tour seeks to be a solution to this isolation. The goal of the Tour is to initiate conversations with students on the topic of mental health in order to educate and empower them to seek support.

Acceptance to everyone

By helping every college student define Acceptance, we will transform mental health stigma and ensure students who need help can step forward comfortably.Everyone deserves to be heard, understood, respected, and ACCEPTED.

“The entire program was very memorable and made a huge impression on our campus.”
Ashley, Colorado Mesa University
“The message that Hakeem delivered to my students about mental illness is one that all high school students should hear. My students and I were very lucky to have heard his story and feel empowered from it!”
Lauren Majewski, Health Teacher, Manhasset High School
“Hakeem Rahim spoke to a full house at Marymount Manhattan College. Students, faculty and staff were moved by his honest and dynamic first-person account of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in college and living well with it in the years since.”
Katie LeBesco, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Marymount Manhattan College
“I love sharing a stage with Hakeem. Whether it is kicking off a NAMI WALK or addressing the opening session of our conference, Hakeem never fails to inspire and lead by example. His uplifting, riveting, and energetic presentations are always the highlight of the event.”
Mary Giliberti, Executive Director National Alliance on Mental Illness
“Hakeem’s presentation made me realize a lot of things, his story did make me tear up and I appreciate him coming to my school. He changed my attitude towards people’s lives.”
Student, H. Frank Carey High School
“When I heard Hakeem’s story, it brought tears to my eyes and really inspired me to try to help people with mental illness.”
Student, A.B.G.S Middle School


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