Do something that makes you happy. Life is so hectic these days, and free time can be hard to come by, but try to find some! It’s so easy to lose hours of your day just mindlessly scrolling through social media, or even just sitting around between tasks. If you don’t spend time doing something for yourself that brings you happiness, life can start to feel a bit more like a routine than an experience.

I’ve started painting recently. I try to set aside an hour or two throughout my week to just paint. I put on music, or just find a quiet space, and put my brushes to work! I’m not the most fantastic painter in the world, but I really love it. There’s something special to me about taking an idea from my head and putting it somewhere where other people can see it too. I feel like I’m sharing a little bit of myself with others, a piece of me that no one would ever know was there if I didn’t take the time to share it.

Sharing makes me feel more complete. If I keep my whole life to myself and just focus on getting all my work done, then I start to feel insignificant and small in a way. Painting takes that feeling away. I know that I’m creating, and contributing to the world in a way slightly different from anyone else. Expression is so important to me because it gives me a sense of purpose.

So what is it that gives you purpose? Are you spending time with yourself each week? Each day? You don’t have to become a painter to express yourself. Your thing might be cooking, exercising, playing an instrument, or even just spending meaningful time with loved ones. Self-expression doesn’t necessarily have to be a task; it could be any number of things. The important thing is that you know what makes you happy, what gives you purpose, and that you are spending time doing that thing. Do something that makes you happy.