I guess I’m on a trend of describing weather conditions and different locations. But the weather and location of where you are can affect your mood and the thoughts that you have. The dark winter months are known to bring moments of depression and sadness, as is the same with rainy weather on certain occasions. Sunshine, on the other hand, makes everyone bright and cheerful. Of course, it depends on the circumstances as well.

I got out of work early and I headed to TeaLuxe to get my daily dose of chai tea with boba. I sat down, took out my computer and started to work. Sometimes I journal. Or people watch. Sometimes a friend comes through and we chat. Time flies by and I never seem to finish all the work I wanted to get done, but I enjoy the feeling of immersing myself in my own bubble in the midst of everyone around me. The droning of the coffee machines, people ordering food and chattering around me, and the bells ringing whenever the door opens and closes serve as a sort of white noise for me to get work done such as emails and basic paperwork. I’ve even gotten one of my best essay grades for a piece I wrote during my time in that store.

If the white noise becomes too distracting (I’m terribly guilty of eavesdropping), I plug in my headphones and listen to music. When it’s raining outside, I usually choose a nice classical piece or some Beatles or Bob Dylan. The lull of the violins or crooning of old singers fills me with calm and I can focus on my work.

I’ll also admit, after travelling abroad in Paris for a summer, that the idea of going to a café to work and look around has become a habit and a way for me to get out of my room…maybe also a good moment to take a photo for the Instagram. But really, there’s something idyllic about putting yourself into a nice work situation, surrounded by the patter of rain in the middle of the afternoon with a nice cup of tea. I think the library is good for the crunch work, but a change of scenery is always good for anyone.